Full Social Management

We provide you with everything you need to make social media work for your business.


We don't tell you what we should charge you for, we allow all our clients to pick and choose a service to suit their own budget.


We'll give you your very team of experts to post content, interact with potential customers and help your business to grow.


It's not all about likes and followers so your social media team will keep you in the loop with progress updates and reports.

We are the UK's leading Social Management Agency, call 0117 911 3108 to speak with one of our advisors.

UK's #1 Packaged Service

Since 2011 we've been breaking the mould, the first to offer packages, the first to let you build your own.

  • Established in 2010
  • UK based agency
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Certified social professionals
  • No contracts to sign
  • No minimum terms
  • No setup fees
  • 5 Star (Google reviews)

So, who are we?

Based in Shirehampton, Bristol, we are a small team dedicated to our clients and ensuring they see results.

SocialExposure is part of Bigg, was incorporated in 2010 and started life as an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) agency. Since then the world of digital marketing has changed many times but as an agency we've kept one step ahead of the trend. We work with clients across the UK, we help businesses to make the most of social media and really connect with their target audience.

We very much more than just a service provider, since our launch we've become trusted advisors and even friends to many of our clients because we always go that bit further than our competition to delivery results. We're open, honest and transparent about everything we do and put an affordable price at the heart of all our services.

How We Work

We are a complete service, from the build and design of your profiles and keeping them up to date,
right through to the sharing, engaging and interacting with potential new customers.

Build & Design

We will work with you to select the right networks, build the profiles or pages, create the banners and images and get everything ready to rock.

Content Updates

We'll create all the content to be posted to your profile. We'll use the right content at the right times of the day to keep your audience engaged.

Interact & Engage

Our team will directly interact and engage with your target market, helping to connect your business when people are looking for your services.


Using our in-house software, we will monitor social media channels for people using specific keywords related to your services and your brand names.


For those looking to boost their social presence instantly, we can help you advertise your business through all the main social media networks.


Your account manager will keep you up to date on what we're doing, why we're doing it and the results by reporting back to you at least every month.

Build your package

We are the only Social Management Agency that lets you decide what we do, how we do it and how much we charge. Start building your very own social management package now.

Need some help?

The internet can be a confusing place but we're here to help. Pick up the phone or fill out the form to get in touch and one of our advisors will be more than happy to talk you through all the options available to you.

Call: 0117 911 3108
Email: sales@socialexposure.co.uk